Our public policy projects

Chatbot TEO

Teo #TuAbogadoVirtual is a chatbot that provides you with guidance and where you can report cases of corruption that will be channeled to the Prosecutor’s Offices for investigation. Your information is secure and can be treated anonymously if you wish.

Our public policy projects

Let’s Raise the Voice of Anti-Corruption Prosecutors Report 2022
Reports Analysis of the operation and interviews with staff
Analysis Table “Monitored Deliveries and Covert Operations in Investigations of Corruption Acts”.
With the aim of exchanging knowledge about special investigation techniques, we organized a table to analyze undercover operations in corruption investigations in which prosecutors from the National Convention of Anti-Corruption Prosecutors accompanied us. As speakers we heard the experiences of Peru’s anti-corruption prosecutor José Domingo Pérez, FBI agent Luis Perez and FGR investigative police special agent Soraida Mercha.


A ShotXMéxico is a series of conversations where periodically, TOJIL, in the company of invited experts, seeks to raise awareness of legal and political issues on the national agenda, and thus add more people to the fight against corruption and impunity.
Together with our allied brands, Mezcal Amaras, Casa Versalles, Zoe Water and Tequila Cosmos, we have brought to the table conversations from, judicial independence with Javier Risco; militarization with Denisse Dresser; concerns on justice issues with Carlos Puig; inclusive language with Tania Villalobos and corruption investigations with Arturo Angel and Zedryk Raziel.

The Government Program of Mexico City 2019-2024 provides for the implementation of the “Cease Fire” program as a strategy focused on reducing firearm violence. This strategy has the main objectives:

Reduce homicides and injuries caused by firearms and knives.

Reduce recidivism of people involved in the cycle of violence.

Build trust between police and citizens.

TOJIL participates in providing comprehensive legal advice within the framework of the “ceasefire” project.